Thursday, March 3, 2011


Legs day
So two days ago I went for a leg toning / high intensity session.
We did within 40 minutes:
Squats 10 x 10 of 40kg
Leg Presses 10 x 5 of 120kg
Calve Machine Press 20 x 5 of 110lb 
15 min warm down bike 
At the end of the session I could barely drive home! 
And today 2 days later the pain just suddenly hit me even harder since I haven't slept much. 

Also made a new video

But yeah i've gotten quite a few comments on my video asking to make actual work out videos. I'm going to start making them soon, hopefully they turn out alright.

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Truongy said...

nice job brah! making some awesome progress! keep it up man. and very motivating. :D

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