Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hey guys it's been almost been half a year since i posted a post, a lot has happened etc~. Mostly uni and relationship stuff which backtracked me a lot from the gym. Also I haven't been trying to put on any mass since I was cosplaying a certain anime character which might seem lame but everyone has a different point of view. 

But back onto the point, i've only been hitting the gym once a week or sometimes a fortnight and this was what I looked like 2 weeks ago at 62kg.

After the convention my mate got me back into gym and i've been motivated since and been going 4 days a week. It's day 15 now and i've gained back some mass at 66.5kg.

I did say I was going to try record some of my workouts but that never happened because I got too busy, and haven't had the time to edit some of the vids. I do have a video of my doing leg presses though, my first time trying out 240kg on my 5th set.

Can't seem to get my video link for the blog at the moment so just go to my youtube page.

This was my 2nd leg session in the past 6 months and the seat wasnt position high enough (90 degrees) so it felt weird letting the weight any lower.

Today I did a back session based on hanh and franks workout vid.
3 x 10 pull ups for warm up
dead lifts 60kg - 8 reps / 80kg - 8 reps / 100kg - 8 reps / 120kg - 4 reps
3 x 10 pull ups
drop set on lat pull downs (a exercise we added)
67kg / 57kg / 40kg / 28kg
3 x 8 pull ups
by the end of the day we couldnt do anymore pull ups, where as in hanhs workout they did 10x10 after the deadlifts.

This is also my first day back into deadlifts and I will bet any money tomorrow I won't be able to walk properly because my ass will hurt!

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