Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Blog.

Hey guys, just starting this new blog to keep myself and everyone updated about my workouts. I'll be posting up my video links, workout routines and diets etc.

Age: 22 years old
Height: 172cm / 5'7
Weight: 68kg/150lb.
Body Fat: Approximately 14.5%
Goal: Get to 10% bodyfat by March, and hit 70kg, this is going to be one hell of a hard goal!
Heres the video of my progress after 8 weeks of training. The video was actually meant to be longer with me explaining a lot of stuff except, my audio did not sync with my video something came out wrong with my video file so yeah i'll fix it soon.

Just going to post some images of what kind of food i eat. I'm currently trying to get cut up for my 6 pack because im cosplaying in a month, so not exactly trying to get bigger right now.

Steak, prawns, vegetables, garlic bread and potato. This is actually a big dinner, its one of the ones that make me 100% full so I tend not to eat too many of these. Yeah I know it looks fancy, made it when girlfriend was over.
This is my standard 5-6 meal a day meal. Steak, bread and vegetables. Usually the steak would be bigger but it was my last piece. 
Fish and Salad.
Fish, salad and garlic bread.

More fish, potato, salad and wedges.
And more fish...
Fish, hashbrown, eggs and vege.

You may have realised I eat a lot of fish, this is because i go fishing a lot and i catch way too much -.-.. so i just eat whatever i catch. Also you might ask, "hey you're asian, wheres all the rice?" ummm i'm not a fan of eating rice but if I have to stuff myself with it then yeah, just imagine my meals without the bread or chips and with rice instead.

I haven't taken any photos of my breakfast yet, but I usually eat cereal, bread and eggs. Also whenever i'm hungry or feel the munchies, which is usually around 3-4pm in afternoon or 11pm-12am at night i'd just take a protein shake or make a butter sandwich with yohgurt. Also I drink a minimum or 2L of water a day.

I DO NOT take more than  140grams of protein a day, because anymore than that would be a waste since my body would not be able to handle it, also it would just destroy my kidney because it wont process properly. You should only be taking 2g of protein per kg of your body weight.

Making all these food does cost quite a bit of money each week, and at times i do get broke. Thats when i usually just cook rice with diced beef and asian vege, its way cheaper.  


ts22 said...

you won't get a 6 pack currently on what you're eating. the garlic bread and bread in general is real bad. same goes for the potato wedges.

your abs will be made in the kitchen and you need to refine your meals. I hope you don't read this in a harsh manner but it's just what my take is on it.

Steve VKun said...

No offense taken, i'm already aware of that. These were my meals before i started to cut back on the carbs.

I'm currently eating a maximum of 2000 calories a day. With only a portion of carbs. I eat more veges to keep me from being hungry.

All those wedges, chips and garlic bread is prob gave me the fat in the first place ):

HanhChampion said...

Cut your carbs a bit and also you probably need a lil bit more oil on the meats to prevent them from burning. Olive oil is okay. Other than that, good job man. I'm glad even that you have a girlfriend you're still trying to improve yourself.

ts22 said...

Cool. I'm trying to get cut as well. Had like some trouble though but I've been working very hard and eating clean. Trying to get hold a camera so I can post some pictures of what I eat and my workouts. Anyways, I'll follow your page and look forward to your progress

Steve Kun said...

Only learning from the best hanh "you" hahaha, yeah its quite hard to get myself motivated as im getting older as well.

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