Saturday, January 29, 2011


Heres what I eat for breakfast when i'm trying to gain mass.

I do not eat all this at once, its just my variety.

The fat free food helps a little.
I boil my eggs, because its the way i like them. The way you cook the food is your own preference, but if there were a reason I'd probably say because I don't want to use the oil to cook the eggs.
I usually eat whole meal bread or multi-grain, im not much fan of white plain bread. I eat corn-flakes because its one of the cereals that don't have as much sugar in it.

I realised that some people are stuffing themselves with ridiculous  amount eggs at once like 7-9 eggs... I don't really see a point in this especially if you're small. Like I said in my previous post, you should only be taking 2g/kg of your weight anymore and it'll be pointless and each egg has around 10-15g of protein in it. I like to balance out my protein with other food apart from eggs.

So for my everyday intake i would eat:
3-4 eggs (40g protein)
300g-500g steak (30g-50g protein)
1 serving of protein (50g protein)
and the rest of my protein source would come from other little food and snacks.

I'm currently trying to cut down on fat but keep lean. So i'm eating less carbs so I wouldn't be eating the bread but rather the yogurt.

All these numbers might sound complicated to you guys, but it helps me to avoid from eating more than what I should.

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